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2013.03.20 - Hospitality Students Put Skills to Use for a Great Cause
Professor Denise Braley shares thanks:
First and foremost, I would like to thank a very courageous young woman, Laurie Kammer, and HelpHOPELive, for inspiring the Fall ’12 Event Planning class to plan the entire event. Although many of these students could not make it, they were with us in spirit.
Jennifer Mauro brought the Dance Extension (Maggie and Nancy Dennis) to us to form the planning team and other important people involved in the planning.  Donna Ogle and George Dowker cordially gave up an important weekend for their play to allow us to present Rise Up: Together We Thrive. Below you will find a list of Hospitality students from classes, the Mitchell Hospitality, Event & Tourism Club, the Behavioral Science Club, and Dr. Linda Perry’s Leadership Class who gave up their weekend to help with this important project.
We also reached out to the community to Patrick F. Doherty, MD, Lawrence and Memorial Hospital Neurosurgeon to be our guest speaker, as well as to the many dance groups who donated their time and dancers. Dance studios, individuals, and organizations such as The Mystic Marriott, Mohegan Sun, Simply Majestic, Mr. G’s Restaurant, Customized Girl and Consumers Interstate donated items for the basket raffle and Silent Auction.
A special thanks to all the parents and dance staff members who worked with the dancers, too numerous to mention. Laurie’s friends, The Weird Beards and Seed, provided entertainment.
This was an experience every student can record on their resume as a philanthropic opportunity that successfully raised $8,740 that will help Laurie in the future.

​Aaron Seide

Alexa Slattery

Alix Battle

Arden Sakin

Ashley Migliaccio

Bridget Burns

Conor McDonough

Daniel Greene

Elizabeth Ehrens

Emil Valdes

Emily Winnett

Evie Robinson

Gabrielle Shortall

Giochino Galabro

Jamal Bond

James Tremaglio

Jasmyn Bowens

Jeffrey Philips

Jessica Foltman

Jessica Grioli

Jessica Winslow

John Kaczkowski*

John McGowan (Emcee for the event)

Joshua Dolgin

June Brozdowski

Kathryn Windas​

Katrina Storrs

Kendra Erskine

Kevin Abend

Kimberley Mackay

Lane Markel

Lauren Rompe

Lea Joell*

Marshall Chiarluce

Matthew Longo

Melissa Bourne

Michael Creighton

Michael Peno

Norberto Sierra

Rachel Sievers

Raven Luxenberg

Russell Sylvia*

Ryan Thompson

Samantha Musser

Samuel Bostwick

Samuel Moore

Shelby Patton

Shimomah Breger

Tanya Cousens

Thomas Beaupre

Zach Simmons

 * Event Assistants

Hospitality Students Put Skills to Use for a Great Cause

Mitchell College helped raise an impressive $8,740 to benefit Laurie Kammer & the Mid-Atlantic Spinal Cord Injury Fund by hosting two performances of "Rise Up: Together We Thrive" at the Clarke Center. On the weekend of March 23-24, The Dance Extension, HelpHOPELive, and the Mitchell College Hospitality Department presented a dance & music concert featuring performances by area dance studios.

Laurie Kammer, a Ledyard native, is a former dancer with The Dance Extension and performed extensively in her teen years with the Community Dance Ensemble. In 2011, Laurie broke her spine when she fell from a tree, causing paralysis from the waist down.

Working with The Dance Extension, Dr. Denise Braley and her Fall 2012 Event Planning class seized this opportunity to gain practical experience while supporting the community, and jumped on board to help produce and host an incredible weekend of dance, music & art. The class had 5 different groups making presentations and the Spring 13 Intro to Event Management class executed it along with help from the MHET (Mitchell Hospitality, Event & Tourism) Club and the Behavioral Science Club, Dr. Linda Perry's Spring 2013 Leadership class, and some of the students who were in the Event Planning class.

The concert featured performances by area dance studios including All The Right Moves, Janelle Brennan, Broadway Kids & Company, L’Ana Burton, Cristin Cawley, Children’s Dance Continuum, Community Dance Ensemble, Inc., The Dance Extension, Doreen’s Dance Center, Eastern Connecticut Ballet, Mary Gardner, Josh Kassoy, Margo’s Tap Studio, Miss Karin’s Just Dance and the Waterford High School Dance Club.

Radio Mitchell's own Johnny Mac emceed the concert which began with a brief talk on spinal cord injuries by Dr. Patrick Doherty, a neurosurgeon from Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. Laurie Kammer made a special guest appearance and her artwork was on display in the Mitchell College Library throughout the weekend. All proceeds went to help Laurie defray medical expenses through HelpHOPELive’s Mid-Atlantic Spinal Cord Injury Fund.

To make a donation, contact HelpHOPELive at or 800-642-8399.