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2012.10.23 - Sex in the Media: Assault with a Loaded Message
Attention: Due to the impending storm, the opening of the Library’s exhibit Sex in the Media: Assault With a Loaded Message is postponed and will take place next Monday, November 5th
Mitchell College teams with Provenance Center to present “Sex in the Media: Assault with a Loaded Message”
Monday November 5 at 5:30pm in the Mitchell Library
New London, CT – More than ever, the media, whether in the form of television, film, or the wide range of social networking sites and technology proliferating across the globe, is a major formative influence on youth today. While sexuality has been a driving force for social and cognitive development throughout history, the way in which such information and understanding is transmitted and represented through modern media technology may overwhelm the ability of most young people to absorb such messages in an emotionally and psychologically productive manner. While sex is a natural attraction and interest for all people, youth in particular have been drawn into the increasingly sexualized world of adults as a result of the internet and its largely unrestricted availability to everyone 24 hours a day. Parents, or those seeking to educate, monitor, or protect youth, are no match for entities such as Facebook, which continue to build their user base with increasingly younger viewers. As moral and regulatory boundaries continue to be pushed and crossed, the media today may be bringing our world to a point of unprecedented dysfunction as our younger generation is presented sexuality in a dangerously distorted and unhealthy manner.
A multimedia collaborative project between Mitchell College and the Provenance Center explores the theme of “Sexuality in Contemporary Society” concurrently in both venues, with the Mitchell exhibit explicitly focusing on the influence of media in the sexual exploitation of women.   Particular attention is paid to the extraordinary popularity of E.L. James’ erotic novel Fifty Shades Grey, and to the exploitation of women in sports.  The opening, which will feature a film discussion led by Center founder Nadesha Mijoba, starts at 5:30 pm on Monday, October 29th.   The exhibit will feature the contributions of Mitchell College students, who  submitted visual content and lent curatorial support for the show. The concurrent Provenance exhibit runs from October 27th through  November 25th at 165 State Street, New London, CT, where related programming also is scheduled throughout the run of the show.   The Mitchell Library exhibit will run through the end of the fall semester.
Founded by Nadesha Mijoba in 2009, Provenance Center serves as a forum for cultural awareness and seeks to raise consciousness and further dialog relating to critical issues facing modern society.
Ms. Mijoba holds degrees in public and business administration, community economic development and public health. She successfully completed the 2006-2007 Cultural Competence Leadership Fellowship through the Health Research & Educational Trust in partnership with the American Hospital Association.  Ms. Mijoba is a native of Venezuela.
For more information, call the Mitchell College Library at 860-701-5156 or email